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Dr. Bebe Patten, founder of Patten University,

Dr. Bebe Patten ( September 13, 1913 to January 25, 2004) was the founder of Patten University (formerly Oakland Bible Institute), Patten Academy and the Christian Evangelical Churches of America, Inc. denomination. Born Bebe Harrison on September 13, 1913, she began attending Bible College at fifteen, and became an evangelist at the age of eighteen. In 1935, Bebe Harrison married C. Thomas Patten, who worked with her during her evangelistic crusades and her Oakland revival services. The couple had three children: identical twins Rebecca and Priscilla in 1950 and Thomas Patten Jr. in 1954. Dr. Patten became a highly successful national evangelist, arrived in Oakland, California, in 1944 and began an evangelistic crusade there. The meetings continued nightly for nineteen weeks, in which as many as 5,000 people a night attended in the Oakland Auditorium Arena. This crusade led in 1944 to the founding of the Oakland Bible Institute, which was to become Patten University. Patten
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